Sunday, June 16, 2013

Easter 2013

The Easter bunny came to the Hubert house the day before Easter!  (Easter day was shaping up to be a little bit too busy, so he came early this year.)

Nap hair, but ready to hunt!

Tucker was the only one who would wear the bunny ears.  =)

Little bit cold!

Easter morning!  HE IS RISEN!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Our semi-successful family shot...

Easter lunch at Grandma Rosie's house.  Baby Kathryn and Emmalee- only 3 weeks apart.

Emmalee's first Easter bunny is bigger than she is!

Handsome Graham


Happy Easter!

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!

I hosted a family birthday celebration for my Mom's 60th birthday.  I hope I look that good at 60!

I love you Mom!

Graham, Loey and Tucker each picked our Gigi's birthday balloons- sports, Dora and Elmo.  =)

Stil posting pics from Feb/March. Hey, it's only June now! =)

I'm playing picture catch-up again! Here are some pics from the month of Feb/March.

"Take pictures of us, Mom."  Impromptu photo session...

Dress up!

My growing 4 year old...

Graham and Loey are my "personality twins", 

This photo was taken by Graham...needs to work on his ability to focus.  =) 

Getting better at taking pics, Graham.

We took a trip to go visit Aunt Laura, Uncle Luke, and Baby Bexley.  We stayed at a hotel and got to swim!  So much FUN!  =) 

 I walked in and found them cuddling.  So sweet. Loey LOVES Graham and jumped at the chance for some brother time. 

Huberts girls- Loey loves to do stuff, "just the girls".

My sunshine continues to grow up on me...

Swimming at the hotel in Indy!  Graham thinks that as long as he has a kickboard, he is good to go.  ;)
 Tucker jumped off the side to Daddy, over and over!

This is how they "napped" while in Indy.  Driving around 465! 

Loey didn't really swim- she waded in the hot tub with Mommy.  ;) 
We had a blast staying with Christine and her 3 little buddies- I can't believe I didn't take more is a pic of Christine helping Loey learn to weave.

The cautious Hubert children were not a fan of trying out the big race car.  Look at Quinn...he's like, "What?!  Why are you guys leaving?"
Our weekend in Indy was a fun 48 hour trip.  Seeing Bexley was amazing and we learned a few lessons on how NOT to stay in a hotel room with 6 people.  ;)